Kaset 32 Farm

Chiang-Rai, Thailand

the producer of many quality pot plants
... from the north of Thailand

About Kaset 32 Farm
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Kaset 32 Farm was established andstarted growing Strawberry in 1976. After that, we additionally produced various kinds of flowering plants, which were Chrysanthemum and Gladiolus. Besides, we also produced Lychee as well. Since 1994, we have started producing pot plants, most of them are flowering pot plant. The plants that we used to produce are African-Violet, Gerbera, and Promrose, for instance.

Nowadays, the pot plants which we are currently producing are Anthurium, Begonia, Cyclamen, Lily, Osaka Fern, and Dwarf Elkhorn Fern. All plants are raised in the greenhouses with proper equipment by our professional personnels. Presently, more than 32k-square-meter space - out of 96k square meters from the entire space - is used for greenhouse facilities.

The production of the pot plants starts from plant selection. After that, young plants will be grown in greenhouses until they have appropriate sizes to be sold. For some plants, we directly order bulbs, root-cut stems, or seeds from the foreign countries. The most common place are France, the Netherlands, and the United States, for example.


All our production are done inside the greenhouses. There are two kinds of greenhouses currently in used. They are [1] Open System Greenhouse, which has a roof and shading net, and [2] Closed System Greenhouse, which most weather conditions inside the greenhouse can be controlled.

As for the potting, we use plastic pot with non-soil potting mix in order to guarantee the high quality pot plants. The common substances that we are currently using for potting mix are peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, chopped coconut shell, chopped tree bark, and pine leaf, for instance. Additionally, potting materials mixed from those substances not only provide major plant nutrients but also reduce the pot weight.