Kaset 32 Farm

Chiang-Rai, Thailand

the producer of many quality pot plants
... from the north of Thailand

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Kaset 32 Farm (dba 'Green Garden Center') is situated in district of Mae-Sai, province of Chiang-Rai, Thailand. If you are heading north, we are approximately 60 kilometers and 900 kilometers away from city of Chiang-Rai and Bangkok respectively. Our location has a suitable climate for growing many plants due to that Mae-Sai is the northernmost district of Thailand and the year-round average temperature is quite low.

We are kindly welcome if you want to contact us. Please feel free and use the following information to make any contacts with us.

   Kaset 32 Farm : Green Garden Center
   170/1 M.11 Pongpha/Maesai Chiang-Rai 57130, THAILAND

   +66 (0) 5373-3400, (0) 5373-1775, (0) 5364-6800

   +66 (0) 5364-6113



Business Hours:
   Monday to Saturday : Open 08h00 - 17h00 (GMT+7)
   Sunday : Closed

map of thailand

The province of Chiang-Rai is hilighted in blue color.
NB: This map was adapted from CIA's The World Factbook.