Kaset 32 Farm

Chiang-Rai, Thailand

the producer of many quality pot plants
... from the north of Thailand

Our Greenhouse
cooling pad

The proper facility leads to high quality.

In order to make a sound pot plant, all plants are raised in the greenhouses. Kaset 32 Farm has two kinds of greenhouses which are [1] Open System Greenhouse and [2] Closed System Greenhouse. The first one is a conventional greenhouse that only provides a roof and shading nets. On the contrary, with the Closed System Greenhouse, the plants are protected from pests because all sides of the greenhouse are wrapped by nets. Moreover, the weather condition inside the greenhouse will be controlled to make the appropriate condition for each plant. This is because no two kinds of plants are alike and each plant requires a different temperature, humidity, and lighting in order to reach its superb condition.

The general structure of a Closed System Greenhouse.

One side of this greenhouse there is a cooling pad soaked with water. On the opposite side many big ventilation fan will suck the air from the outside through the cooling pad into the greenhouse. Then, the internal temperature will be decreased and thus lower than the outside's. This system assists the inside plants to grow stronger before the date of selling. In addition to the temperature control, humidity and lighting condition can also be controlled in order to achieve the sound pot plants.