Kaset 32 Farm

Chiang-Rai, Thailand

the producer of many quality pot plants
... from the north of Thailand

Welcome to Kaset 32 Farm

The Green Garden Center

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Kaset 32 Farm was established in 1976. We have speciality in planting Strawberry, foliaceous plant, and many flowering plants such as African-Violet, Anthurium, Azalea, Begonia, Chrysanthemum, Gerbera, Lily, for instance.

Nowadays, we produce many pot plants - both flowering and foliaceous plant - entirely inside greenhouses. We have both the open greenhouse and the closed one. Moreover, our professional personnels armed with the state-of-the-art agricultural equipment can guarantee the quality of our products. Currently, the area more than 32k square meters out of the entire space is used for greenhouse facilities.

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Our Greenhouse

The proper facility leads to high quality.

In order to make a sound pot plant, all plants are raised in the greenhouses. Kaset 32 Farm has two kinds of greenhouses which are [1] Open System Greenhouse and [2] Closed System Greenhouse. ...

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About Us

An information about our company.

Kaset 32 Farm was established andstarted growing Strawberry in 1976. After that, we additionally produced various kinds of flowering plants, which were Chrysanthemum and Gladiolus. ...

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